Acer’s $14,000 Predator Thronos Air is a chair fit for gaming royalty

It’s also more affordable than its $20,000 predecessor.

What do you get the gamer in your life that has everything? And we mean absolutely everything. If you ask Acer, the answer is the company’s new Predator Thronos Air Gaming Chair. Unveiled at this year’s IFA, the Thronos Air is a more affordable version of the Thronos Gaming Chair Acer announced at the same show last year.

At $13,999, the Thronos Air is a full $6,000 cheaper than its $20,000 predecessor. To make the new model cheaper, Acer removed the motorized monitor arm that was a major selling point of the original Thronos. The Thronos Air, however, retains the ability to mount three monitors. It also still features an adjustable mouse and keyboard tray, and footrest. Additionally, it’s possible to equip the chair with optional cup holder, cameras and hubs (sold separately, naturally). You’ll also need to supply your own PC, monitors, peripherals and a floor that can bear the 715-pound behemoth.

When Engadget’s Devindra Hardawar tried the original Thronos last year, he found the experience of playing a game inside of its metal enclosure immersive and comfortable. The Thronos Air looks like it maintains those qualities. Acer plans to start selling the Thronos Air in Europe and North America toward the end of the year. Better start saving up.

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