Old Mouse New agan

Twenty years ago, Microsoft vastly improved how we all point and clickwith the introduction of its IntelliMouse Explorer that used a small camera to track movements instead of an easily dirtied rolling ball. Countless iterations were released over the past few decades, but Microsoft has finally revived the original design with its new Pro IntelliMouse—which even still comes with a USB cable.

The Pro IntelliMouse looks almost identical to the original, with a few cosmetic improvements including a textured finish on the mouse’s side shortcut buttons, your choice of a silver or white finish, and the ability to change the color of its LED tail light. That’s a feature that will appeal to the gaming community, who Microsoft appears to be primarily targeting with this re-release. It’s also why the new Pro IntelliMouse is a cord-only affair, as wireless mice can introduce lag between a player’s hand movements and the game they’re playing, which is a big no-no.

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